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Da Hong Pao

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With 20 years producing experience with healthy idea and high quality, “Great Impression” produce a cup of healthy tea in a new way. We produce the healthy tea strictly as following:

1. Inspecting the original tea leaves from the appointed tea base, such as the content of the tea polyphenol, heavy metal and pesticide residue must be up to the standard.

2. Selecting the superior tea leaves, sterilizing and processing them in the purified workshop. The process is grinding the tea leaves (relieving their effective content) and producing into grains, inspecting the microorganism to be up to the standard and then sealed storing.

3. According to the GMP standard, we stuff one teabag in a cup and package them in the purified workshop and then make sure that the spot check is up to the standard again.

4.Stuffing into the instant paper cups, packaging the finished products, spot checking of the finished products one more time and then sticking security labels and storing when all of them are up to the standard.

Every cup of our Great Impression Easy Making Tea produces according to the above four steps producing processors strictly. There is a percolated film in our instant paper cup which protecting the tea leaves double times and ensuring the tea leaves are enough healthy in the cup. So you can rest assured to drink our tea.



It is meticulously made from superior Wuyi Rock Tea leaves with aroma and delicious taste. It is a daily healthy drink suitable for the young and the old in 4 seasons.


A. 1.4g/cup * 60 cups * 4 cases * 420 cartons / 20 feet container
B. 1.4g/cup * 10 cups * 24 bags * 420 cartons / 20 feet container 


Measurement of Carton:
A. 49.6 * 33.2 * 41 cm 
B. 50 * 33 * 42.5 cm

Da Hong Pao
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