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Guangdong Great Impression (Group) Co., Ltd. was found in 1988 which was rated as “Chinese Top 50 Health Products Enterprises”, “Excellent Non-State Owned Enterprise of Guangdong Province”, “ China nationwide Honor Contract and Keep Promise Enterprise”, “10 Most Influential Enterprise of China Enterprises' Culture”.

The industrial base of health products is located in the east of Danan Mountain in Chaoshan area. It covers over 38 thousand square meters. Great Impression Weight Reducing Tea was rated as “The First Rank for the Volume of Sales Nationwide in the Series of Reducing Weight Health Products” from year 2001 to 2005. The trademark of “Great Impression” was awarded “Famous Brand of Guangdong Province” in 1999. “Great Impression” Brand was rated as “China's 500 Most Valuable Brands” by World Brand Laboratory and World Businessman Weekly in 2008, and the evaluation value was 1.802 billion RMB.

Great Impression Group merged Shantou Brewery in 2003 and expanded its business to the brewage industry, which is the “Chinese Time-Honored Brand” with a history of over 150 years and well known for its medicinal wines. The Brewery has a variety of high-quality products such as “Xiao Guang Feng Tai” Brand Chang Chun Medicinal Wine, Qufeng Medicinal Wine and etc. are the Famous Chinese Medicinal Wine well known in the Chaoshao area. Likewise, “Zuiwengting” Brand series alcohol are the popular products for the Chaoshan people. “Drawing Qianlong riding horse” Brand “Qianlong Yujiu” and “Qianlong Fujiu” which are the “Imperial Wine” made by special brewing technology according to the original secret recipe of Qing dynasty's private doctor of Emperor that was collected by the First Historical Archives of China for hundreds years. Reformed Shantou Brewery has been the industrial base of Great Impression Group brewing and pharmacy. Through the brands integrated, GMP certificated, equipment updated and technology renovated, the series products of various brands show the brand-new scene, safe, trustworthy and high quality to benefit for the Chaoshan people.

During our hard working in the past 20 years, the Great Impression Group has 4 kinds of over one hundred series products including health products, alcohol, medicine and tea. Our products have been selling well to the domestic market as well as overseas market which are Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and so on.